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We are very happy to have you visit our website. We are a small breeder that specializes in only purebred Border Collies. All of our available litters are home-nurtured, house raised. We believe in socializing pups from day one. Though our website is new, we have been breeding Border Collies for many years, and raising our own, for even longer. Our previous customers have been very satisfied with the quality of pets we have provided.




Why Choose Us?

  • Small Breeder
  • Home Raised, In-House
  • Well Socialized Pups
  • Several Years of Experience
  • Highly Recommended By Others



Our Border Collies are raised as family members and working dogs. They are gentle with children and always willing to work at whatever game the kids come up with.



About Border Collies:


Border Collies have been said by many experts to be the most intelligent of breeds. They have been known for many generations for their great ability as working dogs on farms and ranches. Border Collies love to play or work. They like being busy and love to learn new things. They are also well known for show dogs, agility, and air dog competitions.


Border Collies react best to training by rewards of affection. Their temperament is very sweet, but they can be very protective of family members. They also love to play with children, but they may keep little ones herded in a tight circle. There are many great books available on this breed. We do provide a copy of "Your Border Collies Life" in your puppy packet. Your puppy packet is full of valuable information regarding your puppy and many items to make your new puppy arrival easier.


Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding our web site, policy's, or Border Collies. We look forward to your questions!


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